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Easy Export

Agree with strangermode. I loved the concept of multicam at first…but when I found out it only works with ONE file format! Either I gotta spend time putting things in one format or hope I own all of the same camera…then I was shiz out of luck. Whats the work around…have everything synced on your timeline. Oh…and compound clip in FCP X is pretty awesome…and has seen much more use then freakin multi-cam for me. Tuesday, September 20, - 7: Truth is FCX left a lot out.

Try it … It is the future…Of that there is no doubt… But die hards will have to be brought to the fold kicking and screaming….

Can't Uninstall Final Cut Pro on Mac?

In 2 years this will be the standard by which all other editors are judged… If we have learned nothing in the past few years… Apple leads… The rest follow … I am NOT a fanboy… Just an observant realist. An observant realist with no knowlege of the industry obviously.

Final Cut Pro X Gets A Free 30 Day Trial, XML Import And A Lot Of Other Fixes | Cult of Mac

Color grading, audio, multicam, file magenent, etc tools ALL suck in the app and only one person can work on a project at a time. End of story. Get the picture? Or more appropriately, they do. Hello Avid…. In fact, the only serious, well known guy using it was Walter Murch. Most colorists are still using the same tools they were 3 years ago, and those tools are not made by Apple.

Apple instead said it would not advance the product, would immediately discontinue sales of the current product, and would not make the replacement product compatible. Leave your investment behind and start again. Tuesday, September 20, - 3: To those contractors who do speciality shots in FCP7, guess what? They still can. More on that to follow. This is not the case. At certain point, X will receive updates such as this one that will close the gap.

Once said gap is closed, 7 will be discontinued. However, as of right now FCP 7 is not inaccessible in the slightest.

Final Cut Pro X gets first big update, and a free trial

These have two choices: The rest can safely jump in now. Those who migrated to FCP X have been quite pleased by the amount of time and steps saved with the new more intuitive interface. Let us see what others say, but this baby still has a strong chance. Adobe may have seen a slight bump in their CS Production Pro sales, but I have a feeling that bump is now over. It would take too long to list everything that was pro before and is either missing now or just too laughably amateurish to even consider downgrading to this play thing.

Apple screwed the pros on this one.

I and my team are in Waco right now winding up a shoot for a documentary. Not a chance it will ever see X. The future looks great for X in the one man shops. Bleak everywhere else…. FCP X has support for multiple cameras. It is handy in some situations, but it has some serious limitations. There should also have been an interim 7. We are using FCP7 on a feature project now and there are still problems you have to live with. Be glad when we can go all 64 bit.

New ProRes flavors

Chomping at the bit really. Their arrogance is exceeded only by their brilliance. They made a mistake.. However, they quickly addressed and acknowledged the mistake. New Redcode Log and Transfer options: When importing Redcode via Log and Transfer, you can transcode to any of the ProRes flavors on import, or just import it as native. But there are no new options for cropping or scaling which I had hoped to see, nor will the 2K layer of 4K native files play back in real time in Final Cut Pro 7.

Footage shot in the default 4K Similarly, if 4K footage is shot in the 2: This can be done with Red provided tools, however. This version of Final Cut Pro includes much improved closed captioning support, the ability to globally change transitions or cherry pick the ones you want to change in bulk , improved tabs color coding and other improvements , trackpad multi-touch gesture support for timeline navigation, and a new version of Cinema Tools for working with file-based workflows like image sequences and Redcode footage.

This is a huge improvement over prior versions, but not clearly documented within Cinema Tools. Apple released a brand new update to Final Cut Studio, its pro video editing app. It includes Final With Final Cut Pro 7, Apple started with an already excellent market-leading video editing tool and From a videographer's standpoint, the new version of Soundtrack Pro constitutes a worthy upgrade.

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Color has reached a very workable threshold where most projects, most of the time, can be round Apple releases new Final Cut Studio. At a Glance. Apple Final Cut Pro 7. Easy Export Easy Export will probably be the favorite new feature of most editors for its ease of use and time savings. New Change Speed tools A new interface for the Change Speed window lets you set Ease In and Ease Out and has an option that lets you keep the timeline from rippling so you can doodle without pushing the rest of your timeline further down the sequence, which would mess up your audio sync.

Cons Mediocre progress after two years since previous version Some glitches still not fixed Limited Blu-ray support Redcode still not optimally supported. Final Cut Studio. Currently reading. Final Cut Pro 7. Motion 4. Soundtrack Pro 3. Color 1. Compressor 3.