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Shadow passwd file. This is consulted only in single-user mode. During normal system operation, Open Directory manages user information see Chapter 3. System-wide prime numbers used for cryptographic applications such as ssh. Monthly cron job see crontab.

Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

Configuration file for named , the DNS daemon. For more details, see named 8. Configuration file for the Network Time Protocol daemon, which synchronizes system time by accessing a remote server. Directory that contains configuration files for the periodic utility, which runs cron jobs on a regular basis. Printer configuration file for lpd.

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CUPS automatically generates this file. For more information, see cupsd 8. Directory that contains configuration files for raccoon , the IKE key management daemon. RPC number-to-name mappings. Configuration file for the router advertisement daemon. For more details, see rtadvd 8. Internet service name database. Configuration files for SquirrelMail, a web-based email client.

Why is Apple replacing HFS+?

Configuration file for the sudo command. Make sure you use the visudo command only to edit this file. Watchdog restarts certain daemons if they die similar to System V inittab. File that contains configuration files for Mac OS X Server's webperfcache service, which sits between port 80 and your web server and caches static pages. Weekly cron job see crontab. Configuration file for xinetd , the extended Internet superserver daemon. You should not modify the contents of these directories or add new files to them. Contains application building blocks components , such as AppleScript and color pickers.

Components are not applications themselves and are generally shared between applications. Holds a collection of reusable application frameworks, including shared libraries, headers, and documentation.

Appendix A. The Mac OS X Filesystem

Contains system-wide keychain files. Holds private frameworks meant to support Mac OS X. These frameworks are not meant for programmers' use. Contains screensavers that you can select from System Preferences Screen Saver.

Contains sounds that are available in System Preferences Sound. Contains precompiled header lists for the C compiler see Section 5. Lists localized skeleton files for user directories. See Section 3. Contains desktop pictures used by System Preferences Desktop. Contains configuration files and the root folder of anonymous FTP server. Leaves a receipt in the form of a. Lists locally installed startup items. Includes a grab bag of configuration and data files, including the locate database, the NetInfo database, and network interface information.

What’s the Difference Between APFS, Mac OS Extended (HFS+) and ExFAT

Contains a variety of log files, including syslog , mail, and web server logs. Bad for: Drives that are predominantly used with a Mac a third-party driver may be worth it, in this instance.

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This makes it unsuitable for modern purposes. You have been warned! Still looking for additional storage? Check out the best external hard drives for Mac to add more space easily. Read More. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals. Tim Brookes January 25, 6 minutes.

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Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! While in earlier days the choice of the file system was limited, there are multiple options available to you nowadays. Each file system available has its own strengths and benefits to offer you. While some file systems are ideal for one type of hard drive, others are best suited for another hard drive type.


You can pick any of these file systems for your hard drive depending on its type. While this file system is primarily designed and optimized for flash drives and SSDs Solid State Drives , it can be used for hybrid or mechanical drive without encountering much trouble.

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The macOS High Sierra, however, only utilizes this file system for hybrid and mechanical drivesy. It is thus a cross platform file system which can be used for external drives either plugged to a Windows PC or a Mac with consummate ease. So, you have three different files systems that you can use for partitioning your hard drives.

The following are some tips on how you can choose the best file system for different types of storage media. In fact, the macOS High Sierra uses it as the default file system for these two drives. This new file system by Apple has considerable advantages over other file systems particularly Mac OS Extended.