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These spikes may trigger the adapter's over-voltage protection circuits which, similar to the temperature sensor, will shut off the adapter to prevent damage to the component circuitry. When these features are triggered they may require time to reset and allow the adapter to work again.

Therefore, try unplugging the unit both from the wall and from your computer, and setting it in a cool place for about minutes to see if it works again. For poor wall circuits, you can try using another circuit it may be best to go to a completely different building, such as a public library or use a uninterruptable power supply battery backup to provide a smoother and conditioned power signal to the adapter.

Solar Chargers for MacBooks

If a battery backup clears the problem, then you may have to continue using it until you can have an electrician clear up the line noise issues you are experiencing. Beyond these two reasons, the adapter may have poor cabling, which can include broken cables and dirty or corroded contacts. First check the contacts on both the MagSafe connector and on the computer to see if there are any obstructions, since the magnets may pick up odd pieces of metal that might short out the power leads or prevent them from making contact.

You might also use a stiff brush to ensure that no dirt has built up in the leads. For the cabling, while the DC component that which connects to your computer is permanently attached to the power supply, the AC component that which connects to the wall has the option to use a small plug or an extension cable that Apple provides with the adapter. If you are using one with your setup, try swapping it out for the other to see if you get a working connection. This can be used both to troubleshoot the extension cable, but also to test for better grounding, which can clear up some line noise issues.

The small two-prong connector Apple includes with the adapter does not have any grounding connections, but the extension cable does and will provide the internal circuitry with an earth ground, so try using the cable to see if that helps. The final option for the power supply is its indicator light, which will glow green when supplying power and not charging the battery, and will glow amber when charging the battery.

If there are any other colors or behavior such as red lights or blinking lights, then that indicates a problem, even if it's a minor issue. If you are experiencing blinking lights on the power supply, try resetting the system management controller on your computer, which can be done by following the steps in Apple's SMC reset guide.

How to Fix a MacBook Pro That Is Not Charging

Additionally, you can try calibrating the battery , which will run it through its full power cycle and have the system properly detect its charge level. To do this, save your work and run the system on the battery until the computer automatically powers down you can speed up this process by playing a graphics-intensive game, or running the iTunes visualizer to draw more power. Then let the system sit for about 5 to 6 hours to drain as much residual power from the battery as possible, and then plug the system back in and charge it fully.

It seems I am still far away from a dead battery, even though I am above cycles? Not sure how to interpret that. Thanks for the info and the edit to your answer. I still think your question could do with a bit of work as it seems to be veering towards an XY Problem. I'll suggest an edit to better reflect your question. The mac can boot with a dead battery if on power.

You can get the battery replaced.

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Check the power supply first. For reference, this is what my pins look like after the yanking sorry, don't have a before foto : The second pin from the right maybe looks kind of intended still, it could be the ground pin, but I don't actually know. Wow - was your ground pin stuck too? At the moment it is not clear which question this answer is answering — the question asks whether a MacBook can run off of AC power, but this answer seems to address how to fix a malfunctioning AC adaptor. It would be nice if you could update your answer to be a bit clearer.

Thx, edited my answer. One of the pins did look kind of stuck and it still does a little to be honest. But maybe it got unstuck just enough to charge again. What the Noticed there was no light on my cable. Carefully removing it didn't do the trick, but forcibly yanking it like answer suggests got the light back! All Apple products will run much slower when the battery is failed or disconnected. Also the battery, while plugged in, doesn't drain at all.

Here’s How to Check and Troubleshoot the Wattage on Your MacBook’s Charger

So its not used at all? Right now the macbook is not slower. Not sure if relevant, but system info says the battery is "OK". Yes - the system will run as long as the power charger is supplying enough voltage to run the pre-boot checks. I tried the answer to this question: apple. Suddenly the green light started again! But still it shows "not charging".

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Any idea what that means? OK, I yanked it some more and now it charges.

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