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You can even connect a Mac-formatted drive to a Windows PC and view the files directly. Obviously, this is a very biased and opinionated article, so feel free to share your thoughts if they are different. These are some of the major pros and cons when it comes to Mac and PCs.

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The point of this article is not to say one platform is better than the other, because that is simply not true. If you are a college student and the only thing that matters to you is your budget, then a Mac will probably not be best choice, regardless of the other benefits. In my opinion, if you have never tried a Mac, you should ask a friend or family member to loan you a device to see how you feel about it. Just about everyone has used Windows, so you pretty much know what you are getting in terms of software.

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This brought a lot of hope that individuals who want to run Windows and Mac operating systems on a single platform. At the release, these hopes were quickly dashed by the realization that Microsoft installers would not work. Eventually, a contest was formed to build a prize for the first person to find a reproducible method for installing Windows XP on the Mac. That challenge was completed and the results were posted to the contest providers at OnMac.

With this now available, it is possible to compare the two operating systems to one another. We're not going to go into detail about how to get the Windows operating system installed onto an Intel-based Mac computer. Having said that, we will make a few comments about the process and some things users should be aware of.

First, the process detailed will only produce a dual boot system.

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This is still being investigated by the community. Second, the drivers for the hardware are very kludged together from other hardware vendors. Installing them can be tricky. The primary reason for the Mac Mini selection was that it has the best overall driver support of the available Intel-based systems available. The system was upgraded to the full system specs available from the Apple website and are as follows:.

The software is a very important part of this performance comparison. They were installed using the methods detailed by the instructions provided by OnMac. For the purpose of comparing the two operating systems, several basic computing tasks that users normally perform were selected.

Next, the task was to find software that would run on both operating systems that were comparable. This was a difficult task as some may be compiled for both platforms, but many are solely written for one or the other. In cases such as these, two applications with similar functions were selected. To help speed up the process of transition, Apple developed Rosetta. Newer applications that will run natively under the OS are called Universal Applications.

While this system works seamlessly, there is a performance loss when running non-Universal Applications. They do not however say how much performance is lost when running under Rosetta compare to a Universal program. Since not all applications have been ported over to the new platform yet, some of my tests had to be done with non-Universal programs.

I will make notes to when I used such programs in the individual tests. While the tests are using the same hardware, the software applications are very different.

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One of these differences that can impact the performance of the hard drive is the file systems that each of the operating systems use. Each of these file systems handle data in different ways.

Installing Windows XP on a MacBook (Mid 2007)

So, even with similar applications, the data access could cause fluctuations in the performance. With the idea that each OS uses a different file system, I figured a simple test for the file system performance could help determine how this could impact other tests. The test involves using the native functions of the operating system to select files from a remote drive, copying them to the local drive and timing how long it takes. Since this uses functions native to both operating systems, there is no emulation on the Mac side. Of course, this was also a test that featured far more data than a user normally will deal with at once.

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Still, users should be aware that disk intensive tasks can be slower on the Mac OS X native file system compared to the Windows native file system. The fact that the Mac Mini uses a notebook hard drive also means that performance will be slower than most desktop computer systems. In this day and age, users collect a large amount of data on their computers. Backing up this data is something that a lot of us should do. This is also a good test of the file system as well as the performance of the processor in compacting the data into an archive.

This test was done using the RAR 3. While the rar application does run under Rosetta, the performance drop off from this is likely much smaller than the difference in the file systems.