Ad hoc network mac pc

Ad hoc networking

I have my laptop and phone. I want to view a website hosted on my laptop from my phone.

I create a network using my macbook using the "Create Network I connect to that network using my phone. I navigate to the local site from my phone using my macbook's IP address.

Connect iPhone to Mac ad hoc wireless network

Issue: I can't figure out the IP address of my machine on this computer-to-computer network. Using ifconfig doesn't really give me any good information. Maybe I don't understand how this type of network is structured. I imagined that my macbook would function as a router, providing a DHCP function and that all machines on the network would be assigned a IP address.

Anyone know how this actually works? Any alternative suggestions for hosting test sites completely off the grid? I'll be testing mobile website prototypes in places where wifi or internet access may be unavailable.

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In ad-hoc networks without central DHCP server, devices will auto-assign themselves addresses in the This will take a minute or so since the devices are looking for a DHCP response first and will also do some self-discovery regarding their self-assigned address. Now run Wifi Transfer App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and start sending your photos and videos to your Mac computer or copying your video and pictures from your computer to iPad , from computer to iPhone or iPod touch.

How to transfer photos and videos to another iOS device? Your email address will not be published.

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How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Mac OS X

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If everyone has AirPort Extreme Bluetooth While Bluetooth is also a reasonable option, its low speed and limited connectivity make it a last resort. Click on Apply Now. This will disable any active network connection you have. OS X will create a new location with an entry for each networking interface installed on your machine.

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  • The default configurations for each should work. For FireWire, you now daisy-chain your computers, using FireWire cables.

    Ad hoc networking | Macworld

    For Ethernet, you now connect two computers with a cable, or connect several computers with one or more Ethernet hubs or switches. Creating an ad hoc wireless network is different from using FireWire or Ethernet but just as easy see top screenshot;. Click on the AirPort icon in your menu bar. From the AirPort menu, select Create Network.