How to edit bookmarks on mac air

To add more subfolders to the same folder, click the folder again, and then select Add Bookmarks Folder from the Bookmarks menu.

macOS 10.13.4: Sorting Safari Bookmarks by Name

Repeat the process until you've added all of the desired subfolders, but try to resist the urge to get carried away. Once you add folders to the Favorites bar, you may change your mind about the order they're in; rearranging them is easy.

There are two ways to move folders in the Favorites bar; directly in the Favorites bar itself, or in the Safari sidebar. The first option is the easiest if you're rearranging top-level folders; the second option is the one to choose if you want to rearrange subfolders. Click the folder you want to move, and drag it to its target location in the Favorites bar.

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The other folders will move out of the way to accommodate it. You can also reorganize the folders in the Favorites bar from the Safari sidebar.

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To view the Safari sidebar, click the Bookmarks menu and select Show Bookmarks. In the Safari sidebar, click the Favorites Bar entry to select it. To move a folder, click and hold the folder's icon , then drag it to the desired location. You can move a folder to a different position at the same level in the hierarchy or drag it into another folder. Open the Safari sidebar and click the Bookmarks Menu entry. From here, rearranging folders is exactly the same process as the second option, above.

Just click the icon for the folder you want to move, and drag it to the target location. To delete a folder from your Safari Bookmarks Menu or Favorites Bar, right-click on the folder , and select Remove from the pop-up menu. Check the folder first, to be sure that it doesn't contain any bookmarks or subfolders that you want to save elsewhere.

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  • Managing Bookmarks in Safari?

To rename a folder, right-click the folder , and select Rename older versions of Safari used Edit Name instead from the pop-up menu. The folder's name will be highlighted, ready for you to edit.

How to Delete All Bookmarks on Mac | Remove Bookmarks on Mac Machine

Type in a new name, and press return or enter. Share Pin Email. Click the Bookmarks menu and select Show Bookmarks. If you're using an older version of Safari, the menu item may say Show All Bookmarks.

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This brings up the bookmark page, which contains all your bookmarks, bookmarks folders, and special collections Favorites, and the Bookmarks Menu. If you right-click on one of your folders, you get options to rename the folder, or two open all its bookmarks in tabs.

Brief introduction

You can now choose to Sort By to sort bookmarks alphabetically. The latter is good for gathering all bookmarks from a single website together in your list, whatever their page titles may be. It might seem to you that this feature should have been there already. It seems like something that would have shipped a long time ago.

Adding and Using Bookmarks in Mac OS X’s Safari

And in fact, people have been asking for it for many, many years. In his investigations, Rob also discovered that there is an upper limit to the number of bookmarks that can be sorted: Thinning the herd helps to keep things under control. To help with organization folders can be added to either the Bookmarks Bar or Menu using the Bookmarks Editor. You can drag bookmarks in and out of folders, move folders up and down your list, and place folders inside other folders to help organize as needed.

So what are these categories for organization? Whatever make sense for your needs. My Bookmarks Bar contains the sites I check regularly: daily news sites, Mac-related sites, business vendors I use often, and links to my banks and other online accounts, etc..

How To Manage Safari Bookmarks Efficiently [MacRx]

Some of these folders contain sub-folders for further clarification. Generally if a list is more than items long it gets unwieldy, and adding folders can help.

How to Add/Remove Bookmarks in Safari

At the bottom of the list are temporary items which I typically only bookmark for a few days, then delete when done. Bottom line: a few minutes spent pruning from time to time, and a bit of planning when saving new bookmarks, will go a long way to keeping your links under control. Cult of Mac. Get a bunch of super cool apps to trick out your Mac for free [Deals]. Today in Apple history: iPad mini arrives. This p projector fits in your back pocket [Deals]. Become a YouTube mogul with this all-inclusive training bundle [Deals].