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When you connect to another computer, your traffic does not go directly to the machine you are attempting to connect to.

Linux traceroute command

Instead it goes through multiple machines on the Internet known as routers. These machines serve the sole purpose of controlling how your traffic gets to your destination. If any one connection fails, you will not be able to connect to the intended destination.

BROADBAND - How to do a Traceroute and Ping Test on a Mac

There is a common utility known as traceroute, or tracert in DOS and Windows. The purpose of this utility is to show you the path your traffic takes when you are attempting to connect to another machine. If you do not wish to deal with traceroute on your own computer, you may use what is known as a "Looking Glass" server.

How to Ping and Traceroute to websites

These are publicly available traceroute servers provided by volunteers as a free service. Please keep in mind that these results could be inconsistent with the results from your own location, and thus they can be less useful as they use a different path to the server. In the results you will see the comment, "over a maximum of 30 hops or The next line is from your ISP, and it continues until the packets reach your website.

Your output should look similar to this: Don't worry about understanding the output.

Then, copy the output to your clipboard. Paste the output to an email and send it to the appropriate support personnel. Tracing from Windows Follow these steps to run a network path trace: Open the Start menu and select Run. Type cmd and select OK. This will open the command prompt.

Don't worry about understanding the output. Copy the output to your clipboard. This command just allows you to do it manually.

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For example, nslookup The whois command looks up the registration record associated with a domain name. This can show you more information about who registered and owns a domain name, including their contact information. This information is also available from many websites that can perform whois lookups for you.

traceroute command example

This command displays incoming and outgoing network connections as well as other network information. The netstat utility can show you the open connections on your computer, which programs are making which connections, how much data is being transmitted, and other information. The finger command is old and is no longer widely used.

What are Traceroute, Ping, Telnet and Nslookup commands?

In theory, this command allows you to view information about users logged onto a remote computer. In practice, almost no computers are running a finger service you can connect to. Still, the finger command lives on as a common network utility and is even still included in modern versions of Windows.

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  • The nmap utility is a common tool used for port scans, but there are many utilities that can run this sort of scan.