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List of programmes broadcast by ntv7

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She's going to disguise herself as a dancer and then a policewoman, but she's actually killing people for revenge. There will be resentment, family and love relationships involved in story. There will be topics that arises in the series, in which most HK people come across in their everyday lives. In fact, sometimes spreading the love could produce a result opposite of what was desired; Wayne is a solicitor.

He and Moses are both friends and enemies. Fala is a lawyer in training. Christine is a volunteer at the legal consulting center. Eddie and Michael are both enemies and friends; Michael is a SDU sniper, later turns senior police inspector. Close friends with Kate, later becomes her boyfriend; Alice Chan is Michael's fiancee, later breaks up.

She is the senior inspector of OCTB. Aimee becomes the head of the travel agency after going to Malaysia and meets Ruco there. They became a bickering couple and developed feelings, but Ruco still had a knot in his heart and so they were unable to develop further; Ching Jin Chan Lin Xiawei is a silly girl who easily falls in love.

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Because Ruco showed some care for her, she fell in love with him and later falls for dessert chef Chin Chun Tony Hung too. Since she loves desserts, she asked Tony to be her cooking teacher and later finds out he has a crush on Aimee. She captured it on video and used it to threaten Tony to fulfill 3 wishes for her; Tony and Aimee are best friends, like sisters, but Tony secretly loves her.

He's a strict person and is a hardcore instructor to Lin Xiawei; Elaine is a singer-songwriter, dated Ruco before; Matt and Lin Xiawei are siblings, and Aimee's ex-fiance. In front of Aimee, he acts very loving and caring, but in fact he's a player. He cheated on her with Wong Kei Ying Samantha Ko ; Samantha was Aimee's good friend, but the intimate clips of her affair with Matt were exposed at Aimee and Matt's engagement party, the couple broke up instantly. His wife died, he has one daughter. He cannot accept Tracy's view on love, their lifestyles differs significantly, but somehow he accepts her presence in his life; Tracy is a medical trainee, possesses a strong and stubborn nature.

She is extremely faithful towards love. Her boyfriend is missing, and because she is helping her boyfriend raise his baby, she had a fallout with her parents; Louisa So is an artist, she is the younger sister of Lawrence's late wife. Due to a misunderstanding, she hates Lawrence and thus took his daughter to the US.

She gets close to Jerry Koo for her research; Jerry is a millionaire, loves to help people and is Lawrence's best friend from childhood. He understands Lawrence's nature and thoughts well. When he meets Louisa, he admires her and tries to help pull in the gap between her and Lawrence in hope to resolve their misunderstanding; Onion Him Law matures significantly after becoming a doctor, he gets entangled in a love triangle with Eliza Sam and Crystal Li; Eliza is a social worker with a chronic disease, but has an optimistic personality; Crystal Li is Him's student; Lawrence revealed, one of the climaxes in the series is he'll perform an operation on Yat Kin.

Janeavatar Offline. Hi, does anyone online watching Japanese Drama chinese subtitle would be better without download the file. Thank you. You have to log in before you can reply Login Register Facebook Login. Gossip Warrior. Credits 0, For the next level needed Credits. Quick Reply To Top Return to the list. I ada baca eng translation novel but half way alih tengok drama.

Program Menarik 8TV Bulan Disember

Those novel saya pun boleh ketagih untuk baca. ETV Desh TV Diganta Television Islamic TV It currently holds exclusive rights from the Malaysian government to offer satellite television broadcasting services in the country through the year The Naran station aka Orbit Station is first satellite television in Mongolia. In they stopped television broadcast. Government has decided to allow private company does the service in DDishTV broadcast 18 channels, including 15 local channels and 3 foreign channels since DDishTV is the satellite television operator in Mongolia.

After that, the first Japanese experimental broadcasting satellite, called BSE or Yuri, was launched in The satellite BS-2a was launched in preparation for the start of full scale 2-channel broadcasts. Attitude control of the satellite was conducted using the 3 axial method zero momentum , and design life was 5 years.

The TV transponder units are designed to sufficiently amplify transmitted signals to enable reception by small, 40 or 60 cm home-use parabolic antennas. The satellite was equipped with 3 TV transponders including reserve units. However, one transponder malfunctioned 2 months after launch March 23, and a second transponder malfunctioned 3 months after launch May 3, So, the scheduled satellite broadcasting had to be hastily adjusted to test broadcasting on a single channel.

Some Japanese producers of home electronic consumer devices began to deliver TVsets, VCRs and even home acoustic systems equipped by built-in satellite tuners or receivers.

List of programmes broadcast by ntv7 - Wikipedia

Such electronic goods had a specific BS logo. In total number of households that receive satellite broadcasting exceeded 10 million. Over TV Satellite television channels are broadcast in India. Few of them have already satrted their premium HD services. In the recent years, there has been a lot of investment in television industry in Pakistan. There are more than 90 Satellite channels operating directly inside Pakistan and about 40 operating their broadcasting from Dubai, Thailand, Bangkok and UK. TrueVisions is owned by True Corporation.

Satellite television in Australia has proven to be a far more feasible option than cable television, due to the vast distances between population centres. The first service to come online in Australia was Galaxy, which was later taken over by Cable Television giant Foxtel, which now operates both cable and satellite services to all state capital cities except Darwin and Hobart and the whole of Western Australia. Its main metropolitan rival was Optus Vision, while rural areas are served by Austar, both of which just rebroadcast Foxtel as of In SelecTV began operating, aiming at providing comparatively low cost packages and catering to specialised market segments.

The newly released Freeview service is also available on the Optus D1 satellite, as well as a High Definition digital terrestrial service. The overall market share of DBS satellite services in was By November, the national system of satellite television, called Orbita was deployed. The system consisted of 3 highly elliptical Molniya satellites, Moscow-based ground uplink facilities and about 20 downlink stations, located in cities and towns of remote regions of Siberia and Far East. Each station had a meter receiving parabolic antenna and transmitters for re-broadcasting TV signal to local householders. However, a large part of Soviet central regions were still not covered by transponders of Molniya satellites. By Soviet engineers developed a relatively simple and inexpensive system of satellite television especially for Central and Northern Siberia.

It included geostationary satellites called Ekran equipped with powerful W UHF transponders, a broadcasting uplink station and various simple receiving stations located in various towns and villages of Siberian region. The typical receiving station, also called Ekran, represented itself as a home-use analog satellite receiver equipped with simple Yagi-Uda antenna. Later, Ekran satellites were replaced by more advanced Ekran-M series satellites.