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Close All Windows in a Mac App with a Keystroke

That article is more than 11 years old when There have been 9 major version upgrades since then. It's not surprising that those features no longer work. You can still use the AppleScript suggested at the macworld link you posted, but there's no need for any ' third-party keyboard shortcut tool ' since automator can create a Service which runs an AppleScript; and System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - Services allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

Not perfect, since there's a noticeable delay when using it; but perhaps it's quicker for you than closing the others manually. Oct 13, 8: The following AppleScript will get the window id of all Finder windows and process all except the first window. It closes the windows in the opposite order to their creation, leaving the original Finder window displayed. It will also close all collapsed Finder Windows, except the very first that was created.

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This code can be used in an Automator Service, like the following name of service is arbitrary:. And in System Preferences: How to close all Finder windows at once except one?

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Close all Windows in Mac App with Keystroke+Click [How-to]

User profile for user: To find something in the Finder, Safari or Chrome, or in a Pages or Word document, simply hit the Command-F key combination and a little window will show up where you can type in your search terms. Command-Shift-3, Command-Shift Command-Shift-4 will turn your mouse cursor into a set of crosshairs not unlike a sniper rifle sight that you can then click and drag around any portion of your screen to capture only the relevant area.

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Pro tip: Tap the spacebar once to take a screenshot of a specific window, or hold the spacebar to move the selected area around without changing its dimensions. A pplications, U tilities, D esktop, and H ome. Simply hit the Command key and then the first letter of each of these to go directly to them: If an app stops responding, you might need to force it to quit. This will bring up the Force Quit dialog, which you can then use to kill that unresponsive app.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Finder Windows

Command-H, Command-Option-H: If you just need to declutter your view, Command-Option-H will hide all the other apps in the background, letting you focus on the one in front. The Cult of Mac how-to videos below will walk you through these shortcuts if you prefer to watch rather than read. Here are the first five Mac keyboard shortcuts ….

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