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This handles the streaming of all content to other devices in my home. The iPhone and iPad apps can connect to the Plex server after forwarding the necessary TCP ports and play the media anywhere with an Internet connection. The apps have a really nice user interface.

With the arrival of the fourth-generation Apple TV , I found myself trying out the Plex media server, and I realized that using Plex is one of the best ways to watch media on the Apple TV. Heck, you could even set it up on a Raspberry Pi. If you have a large media collection, you may want to use a Mac as a dedicated device to run Plex.

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The Mac mini is a perfect candidate for this. If you do have a lot of videos that need transcoding, a NAS might not be a good fit for Plex.

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You can, of course, use that Mac mini for other things, such as using it as a file server, or for Time Machine backups. The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac you can buy. Its small form factor and quiet operation makes it easy to integrate into a home entertainment system or use as a server stashed away in a corner. But the entry-level model with a 1. In my opinion, that kind of interaction with a tv device or a watch or something similarly limited is the best kinds of interactions. What was it that I saw? What did it mean? And why was I so moved by it? MrHenko Actually, nobody in power cares about your complaints regardless of whether you voted.

I totally forgot to write about it when I watched Ragnarok some time ago. Anyway, I loved it. My favourite movie in the MCU so far. Tonight seemed like a good time to try out Overcasts new clip sharing functionality and this clip from Upgrade seemed like a good one to share, since I have similar feelings to Jason. However, as Linn fell asleep on the couch and as I tried to remember as much as I could about the first season I decided to instead go all the way back to the first episode. So cleverly plotted! Thanks Cortex subreddit user VanillaChief for the tip.

This was exactly the kind of movie that I needed to watch right now. Light-hearted and very entertaining. I loved the acting, the way Peter was characterised, the way the classical characters where changed and modernised. I loved the whole thing. Also, the sort-of twist with the identity of The Vulture took me completely by surprise. My only complaint is that the action scenes themselves where sometimes hard to follow. It seemed like the director was inexperienced when it came to directing action.

On a side-note, after the first scenes where we see the lead up to the fight between the heroes in the airport in Civil War , I had to paus this movie and go watch that fight once again. I was absolutely certain that a scene where our heroes beat the crap out of each other would be just ridiculous in the Batman v Superman kind of way. I was very wrong. My watching of this one was stretched over way to long time.

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It was only two sittings but almost two months apart. Well, life got in the way in the most mundane ways. Anyway, I liked this one. The easy part to report on is the photoblogging. As for the work stuff, things have not been going as planned but I blamed that on it being i week with only three work days, two of which were booked full with teaching. That means no work from home this week and no three hours for fun stuff. One of my projects at work today has been to make this, a system for playing back a recording of a ukulele through a surface transducer and then have it use an actual ukulele as a resonance cavity.

Now the kids can enjoy a lot of their shows on both tvs and almost all of the iPads. I have a Pi I use to run Pi-hole, but maybe it could be my Plex server too. If you have a Pi lying around, give it a try! What I really wanted was to run it as Docker container on my Synology but it is too much of a hassle.

It is getting to the point that having to deal with yet another power outlet, and system to update is less work than the Docker container. This is the mess in its full glory. MrHenko which fs did you format your Drobo with? MrHenko oyam of course, my network is multi—site I spread out the messiness.

Plex can continue to exist on my MacBook for the time being. MrHenko I have a couple of versions of the four—bay almost paperweights ext3 was a bad choice for OS, since it appears full sooner than data on it would suggest, I have screenshots from attempts to copy insignificant files and failing despite oodles of space.

I think much of it comes down to the fact that this August marked my tenth year as an employee of Dalarna University. As I actually started thinking about the fact that it had been ten years, I probably got more sensitive to the daily grind and bore, and the fall are the more dull part of the year at work. So I feel a strong need to do something about this, to make sure is a more interesting year at work. Please note, not less routine. Routine is important, especially for a one and a half year old and an almost four year old. The first actual thing to do about this is probably also the simplest.

Another thing to do to make life, especially at work, more fun is to to make sure I set aside at least three hours every week to do something fun at work.

More fun at work

I now I can make my schedule work so that I can do this, I just need to actually do it. I also constantly want to get back into reading, so consider it a resolution that I should read at least once every week , preferable fiction. Hopefully I might get through a few of those books during the year. I recently had a reason to revisit my workflow for dealing with dvds and turning them into mp4-files. Before getting into the MCU, this was probably the movie that I thought would be the very worst one.

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  • Super heroes fighting each other over issues that could be solved be talking is just so boring. Turns out, I was wrong about the movie. I really liked this one! I think we all can agree that this is an Avengers movie, just as much as a Cap movie. And as such it is the Avengers movie, at least in the sense that this is how I would like more of them to be.

    The world is not going to end if the heroes fail, but instead there are real personal stakes here. I can understand motivations, I can get invested. This imbalance of power amongst them gets more or less silly in both Avengers and Age of Ultron and I assume in Infinity War as well.

    In this one, it is much better managed.

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    The airstrip scene, which I kind of dreaded, was really exciting. Philosophically speaking I would like to agree with Steve, but I can also totally see myself acting just like Tony does in the final battle, if I were in his shoes. Right, I almost forgot. Anyway, it was enjoyable but also a bit forgettable.

    I knew this was going to be a thing and after my negative reaction to Tarkin in Rouge One I expected to dislike this as well. Turns out I was wrong. Technology marches on fast and this digital effect looked really good. Funnily enough I actually though digitally de-aged Douglas looked more real than the real Douglas in the rest of the movie. Who is Avengers fighting?